The Three Pieces Of Art

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The three pieces of Art chosen to be discussed in this essay range in style and meaning but all seem to tie together a symbol of power. In Sutton Hoo the wealth is shown through the purse lid and it exquisite components it was made from, the Bayeux Tapestry shows the power of the Norman Conquest and their leader William the conquer, and finally the immaculate Sistine Chapel with emphasis on The Creation of Adam that shows the power of God and also the skill of Michelangelo.

The Roman Legions withdrew from Britain in about 410 CE and over the next 150 years (where almost no records survived) the British began to gain most control and create a new social structure and culture, this began to divide the land into a bunch of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. Sutton Hoo is a series of 6th to 7th century burial mounds found in Suffolk, England. The largest and first excavation began in 1939 by Basil Brown. This excavation lead to the discovery of a 90-foot-long ship, and the what is believed to be the burial site of Raedwald leader of the Wuffing Dynasty. It was in the mound that the Purse cover was discovered. The original records of the find were destroyed in World Was II and only a few pictures remained as evidence. From 1965-1971 the mound was excavated again along with mounds 5,6,14,17, and 18, the archeologist discovered 39 burials most believed to between the 8th and 11th century and were execution burials. The Purse Cover in mound one is believed to have been a symbol of power and
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