The Three Skills Approach The Leadership Values And The Environmental Systems

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1.KATZ’s THREE-SKILL APPROCH 1.1 Introduction This is an Introduction which explains about the Three Skills Approach the leadership values and the environmental systems as proposed by Katz in 1955.The reson is to explain and understand the three key leadership skills like the technical, human and conceptual skills. There are few examples for every individual skill type and absorbhow we utilize the different skills as you grow higher and larger in the organization or in public and private firms. 1.2 Katz Three Skill Approach The skills theory of leadership is emerged as a simple and prominent theory in 1955, though Robert Katz had published his paper "Skills of an Effective Administrator" in the "Harvard Business Review." The…show more content…
Examples of Technical Skills InSoftware Company the following skills or knowledge things can be considered as technical skills. They are Knowledge of Java/C++/Perl Programming,Unix/Linux Operating System, Oracle Database Management, XML - Extensible Mark-up Language, Language, HTML Skills etc. In an accounting company, technical skill might include understanding of generally accepted accounting principles, accounting principles, concept of commercial laws, knowledge of tax laws etc. Attributes of Technical Skills 1. Technical Skills refer to be as being knowledgeable proficient in a specific type of work or activity. 2. It is the ability to work with thinks and plans. 3. Technical skills are most important at lower and middle levels of management. 4. Technical skills are less important at upper/senior management levels 5. Technical skill is proficiency, based on specific knowledge, in a specific area of work. Skill 2: Human Skills Similarly human skills are related to the ability to work with technical concept skills relates to the ability to work with things. Human skills are mainly considered as people skills which enable the leader to work effectively with sub-ordinates, and superiors. It is the leader 's expertise in
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