The Three Speeches Delivered By Moses

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Numbers Numbers comes next in the Pentateuch, following Leviticus. Numbers shows the journey and God guiding Israel. Through Israel’s documented journey new laws are given to the people, to understand this in its context the reader must remember; Israel’s adults that saw God part the red sea were now dead, with exception of two. This in-turn spawned a new generation brought up by the direction of the Lord. The new adults would serve God in their new land and in doing this God had fulfilled the promise He and Abraham made. Deuteronomy Deuteronomy comes next in the Pentateuch--the do this, do that, Deuteronomy. The name Deuteronomy means “the second law. “It was given because the Greek translators found in it a repetition of some laws previously given, and the enactment of some new laws.” Almost similar in its structure to Numbers this book has three parts, the three parts are the three speeches delivered by Moses in Moab. The first speech Moses gives starts in Deuteronomy 1:6 and ends with Deuteronomy 4:40. This speech Moses gives has practical meaning and analysis of the events that led them up to the previous forty years. The second part of Deuteronomy is Moses’s second speech (Deuteronomy 5-Deuteronomy 26). Moses adds some laws and encourages the people to live up to their plan of being God’s nation and to raise the children up in this way. The third speech from Moses begins in the twenty-seventh chapter and finishes in chapter thirty. Moses tells the people not to
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