The Three Stages Of The French Revolution

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The French revolution is one of history’s bloodiest and most important series of events that has ever occurred in the western hemisphere. From the start of the revolution at 1789 to the end at 1799, a massive number of complex political, and socioeconomic events took place forever changing the country. This decade long feud between France’s people and her government can be simplified into three major stages. The first stage of the revolution was, for the most part constitutional and the most peaceful of the three stages. The second stage however wasn’t so peaceful. At the time, France was one of Europe’s most influential and powerful country’s and since such an impactful revolution was being executed, this brought many aggressive supporters as…show more content…
And because of Frances involvement in the American revolution this drove the country’s treasury into massive amount of debt; leading to the gathering of the Estates General to assist the country’s financial crisis. With the country in such dire need of government reform the third estate proposed that they receive more power to more accurately represent the people of France. The power the third estate was seeking was for the benefit of the citizens of France but the king became wary of the Third Estate and instead tried to limit their power by locking them out of the Estates General. This only angered the Third Estate and instead of weakening their power it sparked the beginning of the French Revolution by forcing them to declare themselves the National Assembly. The Tennis Court Oath was taken soon afterward on June 20, 1789, this was the National Assembly’s way of asserting that it was the highest power in the land. By June 27, 1789 the king conceded his right to rule by ordering the rest of the delegates in the estates to join the National Assembly. (Cole
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