The Three Steps Of Study, Prayer, And Realization

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A Trinity of Being

“The three steps of study, prayer, and realization are spiritual aspects of your endeavor, but all your physical, emotional, and intellectual activities also have their share in bringing into your experience the desired good which, in this case, is the unfoldment of your inner spiritual nature.”
The Basic Ideas of Science of Mind, pg. 80

When studying the Science of Mind, we must keep in mind that there is only One: an infinite Life and Being which is the stuff and substance of all. When we consider our relationship with Life, or our relationship with other living beings for that matter, we are not comparing lives. Do not think in terms of your life, their life and the life of God. The population of Earth may be numbered in the billions, but there is only one Life. You and I are not separate individuals, but individualizations of the universal being we call God. Likewise, when I speak of my mind, or refer to your mind, I do not wish to suggest that there are many separate minds. There is only one universal Mind. Our use of the infinite intelligence of Life is what we call our mind; just as our embodiment of the infinite Life is what we consider to be our own life. There is only one infinite reality; not a spiritual universe and a physical universe, or a multi-verse of infinite possibilities. There is but one infinite universe that encompasses all possibilities. The many are encompassed in the One; and the many aspects of one Life are inseparable…
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