The Three Strengths

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The three strengths that I use most effectively to study are, firstly is plotting the times of my lectures and tutorials on a calendar to know when they are and to give myself the required time to study for each session, another big thing about having a calendar is also to have the due dates of assessments on it. Secondly, in a lecture taking notes is the main focus in my studies at home, I am able to provide myself with clear and precise notes to keep a grasp of the information I learnt in the lecture. Finally, I always try to be on time to my lectures and tutorial so I do not miss out on anything I need to know for my studies.
The three areas I need to improve in would be, firstly procrastination is one of my biggest faults while studying because it keeps me away from me doing my work if I can get procrastination out of the
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Secondly, coming to do an assignment I do not plan my work out onto paper which can be a bit hard to recollect the information I need for the work, I have not learnt a way to mid map that has stuck with me, I can turn this problem around by going to Learning@Griffith and under the other courses tab there is a CCJ essay writing help which has a section for organising you notes. Finally, when it comes to assignment questions I do not break the question down to form a better understanding of what is being said because I am not too sure how to do it properly but by having read through Griffith University Study Smart putting it together tab it has given me the knowledge to better understand an essay question and how to break it down in the right
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