Student Learning Style Analysis

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In order to effectively teach students with different learning styles, I will most likely be using this website for ideas. has everything. They tell you how to know what styles your children are better with and give you some activities that you can use to reach all of those students. On their site, you can find specific activities for any grade, or subject, up through high school. For example, I will be teaching third grade so I would go and look under third grade and then go under whatever subject I need, such as math. Once there, I just scroll through and pick an activity that allows student to interact with each other while practicing the subject and having fun. I can also use
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Tier one refers to all students in general and the basic behavioral problems that come with them. Tier two refers to a more condensed group of students that may be more troublesome and need extra attention to focus. Tier three usually consist of special needs students but can contain any student that is in desperate need of constant supervision due to their behavior. A great intervention for Tier one includes praise. This is where a student receives praise for being on task or just simply being nice and compliant. Praise can come from just recognition to their name being put in a drawing for a prize. A Tier two intervention can involve making a plan. I, as a teacher, would get a team together, such as the principle, a tutor, and the student’s parents and we would all discuss the child and create a plan on how to handle the child. For instance, we could create a tutor session where the child can be one on one with someone and can receive proper guidance in the classroom. Another part of the plan would be for the student to be allowed special movement time. If a child is extremely restless, a few minutes out of the day could help him relax if he is able to move about. And finally, a Tier three intervention would be No Passing Time. This means that the child would not be allowed to leave the classroom until the bell rings and then the child will only have five minutes to go to their locker, get their things, go to the bathroom, and anything else they feel they need to do until the bell rings. If a student fails to make it to the classroom by the second bell, they receive a tardy. In some cases, parents are allowed to drop off their child, to the office, a few minutes before the bell and can also pick them up from the office after the end of the day bell. This is for students that cannot obey hallway rules and have truly horrible
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