The Three Types Of Aquatic Sports

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According to Thesaurus Dictionary, A sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skills. Individuals or teams engage in sporting activities for competition, health reasons or for entertainment purposes. Throughout the world, persons from different walks of life can be observed partaking in sports of varying categories. Air, Track and Field and Aquatic are three types of sports.

Air sports are one category of sports. There are several examples of air sports. Parachuting also known as skydiving is one example. It is considered an action sport where persons exit an aircraft and return to earth with the aid of gravity, and then slow down during the last part of descent with the aid of a parachute (Source). Parachuting technology was developed
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Diving is one type of aquatic sport and it is considered as an underwater event. Diving is the sport of jumping or falling into water from a platform or springboard, usually while performing acrobatics (Source). Whilst some people dive as a form of recreation, it is also a competitive sport. Diving as a recreational sport is used as a way to explore the wonders of below the sea and no particular characteristics is needed. However, in order to compete in this sport, competitors must possess characteristics such as strength, flexibility, kinaesthetic judgment and air awareness. In addition to diving, canoeing is also a type of aquatic sport. Canoeing is considered as an on water sport and it is the sport where a canoe is used for racing. History shows that canoeing was used as an important means of transport for exploration and trade until the mid-1800, however it then transitioned to a recreational and competitive event (Source). Canoeing can be a team or individual event, where person/persons use paddles as a means to move the boat. Both of these aquatic events can be considered as a fun filled one, however, they can be considered dangerous. When water is involved there is always a risk that someone can drown, therefore, in aquatic sports safety precautions must be taken seriously and
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