The Three Types Of Therapy

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1. Critically analyse at least 3 types of therapy outlined in this course.

The three types of therapy that will be discussed are:
• Person Centred Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
• Solution Centred Therapy

Person Centred Therapy

According to the medical dictionary, Person – Centred Therapy is:
‘A nondirective method of group or individual psychotherapy, originated by Carl Rogers, in which the therapist 's role is to
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The therapist must be ready and able to accept the client positively for who they are, without disapproving their feelings, actions and personality. They should able to portray this to the client by developing their trust and willingly listen to them without interrupting, judging or giving advice. This positive attitude will create a non intimidatory atmosphere for the client allowing them to explore and share their feelings, circumstances, hostility and abnormalities without the fear of rejection by the therapist.

An important factor of the therapist’s attitude is empathy, the therapist must be able to appreciate the client’s situation and place themselves in the ‘client’s shoes’ and understands the client’s feelings and respond showing emotional understanding and sensitivity of the situation, this gives the client the confidence that they are being heard attentively and gives them the opportunity to examine their thoughts and feelings when the therapist repeats what the client has said, this will also lead to the client having further thoughts and sharing what they feel.
Carl Rogers further states that when congruence, unconditional positive regard, and empathy are conveyed by a therapist, clients become more
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