The Three Types of Love

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The three types of love

As you live, you learn to love in many different ways. You can love your friends, your family, your girlfriend or boyfriend, eating, writing, singing, learning and the list just keeps growing and growing till infinity. Basically you can love anything and anyone. Sure, you love your mother and father, but you also love your girlfriend or boyfriend in a different certain way. It’s the way you love, which makes it certain what the type of love you have towards anyone or anything.
There’s a type of love called eros. Eros could be considered as the most common type of love of the lot – the intimate or romantic love between a male and a female. It’s a sensual desire, a passionate craving, if you may, of physical
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There is indeed a way to interperate the question about love being a serious philosophical problem in a whole different way. We could say, that love is just a feeling, that it can’t be theoretically explained, it can only be felt. Therefore understanding love couldn’t be knowledge, it could only be an experience. So if philosophy deals with knowledge, not feelings, then we might come to a different conclusion from the first one.
Taking all the stated information into count, I would come to a conclusion, that everyone can live a life without understanding love, but noone can live a life without experiencing love. You can simply not live a full and rich life without experiencing, trying to understand and philosophising over the three very differnt Ancient Greek’s types of love. Since my conclusion was a bit more on the experience side, then I could only conclude the question of love being a serious philosophical problem, by stating that love is in fact not a serious philosophical
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