Essay The Thrill That Kills

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The Thrill That Kills

Street racing has become a very dangerous sport in the 20th century. In the article The Thrill That Kills by Paul-Mark Rendon, he describes the dangers and consequences of illegal street racing. This article was published Sept. 17, 2001 in MacLean’s. This is an article that tries to reach out to street racers and also anyone interested in knowing more about street racing and its dangers. The article discusses how for the driver, racing is an exciting adrenaline rush, but for the people, is an endangerment to their safety. The author uses facts like how dozens of innocent people have died due to street racing. Even drivers themselves die because of losing control or hitting another car. This article makes
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They can put everyone around them in danger because of this. Some racers though do have years of driving experience but when a driver is going at high speeds, even the slightest mis-calculation can lead them to their doom. A professional NASCAR racer could die in street racing, not because of their driving, but because of the possibility of a random car to cross the traffic, because remember, they are on a public road.

Paul-Mark touches both the street racers and the general people’s sides of emotions in this article. Paul-Mark is one of the few non-street racers to admit how street racing is exciting, but is also quick to come back to reality to recognize the consequences of it. Yes street racing is fun, exciting, and an adrenaline rush, but it is not worth people dying over. The bottom line that Paul-Mark explains in this article is that people are dying. This is not going to be tolerated and will have police on a heavy crack down against street racers.

Paul-Mark touches us deep down inside by the use of telling about the people that died in his article. It is all fun and games until someone dies. That is what it takes for people to realize how dangerous street racing is. People feel remorse for those that have died and therefore feel the need to act against the cause. No one wants to lose a loved one. The thought that the innocent person hit by one of the speeding cars could have been one of their friends or even them is very

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