The Tidal Model

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The Tidal Model was first introduced in 1997, by Barker and Buchannan-Barker. The reason for this new approach to mental health nursing was because the biomedical model was not sufficient for meeting the unique needs of those suffering from mental health problems. The Tidal Model promotes patients to have an active role in the care that is being received, focusing on a therapeutic environment, which highlights the nurse/patient relationship. Originally started specifically for mental health nursing, the Tidal Model gives patients the power of having a voice in participating in what type of care is being received. Through evidenced base research and exploring the benefits, implementation, and the effectiveness of the Tidal Model, this writer will demonstrate the value of having a patient centered approach while managing care for individuals in the psychiatric nursing setting. One may be wondering, what is the importance of having a nursing theory to follow? Well, “the primary purpose of nursing theory is to improve nursing practice, and therefore, the health and quality of life of persons, families, and communities served” (Parker & Smith, n.d, p. 20). Using a nursing theory or model to provide care ensures all patients are receiving the same level of therapeutic attention, allowing each and every patient to have the opportunity to strengthen overall mental health needs. Being diagnosed with a mental illness can be an overwhelming life changing event, when the patient is
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