The Time And Institution Of Slavery Essay

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In American history, every event and person plays a part in the future. For example, rich plantation owners helped America advance their economy. However, that would not have been at all possible without the help of their slaves. The time and institution of slavery is a time of historical remembrance. It played a primary role during the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. The treatment, labor conditions, and personal stories of these slaves’ treatment and labor conditions are all widely discussed around the world to this day. American history, as we know it, all began when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue and discovered the New World. Soon later, the Europeans began to populate the New World as well. They created the first settlement in the Americas, known as Jamestown, Virginia. Jamestown was responsible for creating the idea of indentured servants. People were even brought to this colony all the way from Africa to fulfill this idea . The whole indentured servant idea did not last too long, because the idea of seasoning came about. Seasoning was the Europeans’ way of having slaves work lightly for one to two hours a day. The idea of seasoning became very useful when the plantation of tobacco and rice came to farms. These new farms created the need for slaves. With the need for slaves increasing, the importation of slaves increased. Slaves from Africa were being brought to the colony of Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. Having slaves turned out to be
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