The Time Is 8 O’Clock At Night And You Are On A Date With

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The time is 8 o’clock at night and you are on a date with whom you’ve been dating for a couple of weeks and as you talk to them, the conversation slowly becomes boring. You grab your phone out of instincts and start scrolling through the latest news of the Kardashians. Throughout the entire date, eye contact is the only source of communication. Neither one of you is brave enough to speak up. When dinner arrives, suddenly you are off the phones and now it 's time to speak about something casual, but your date is still on their phone. At this moment you think to yourself, “what am I doing wrong?”. Initially, it seems that you have done something wrong but in reality social media has consumed our minds and taken the words out of our mouths…show more content…
Now the love story that was once a dream to experience in person became a love story via Internet. In the article “Online Dating”, Barbara Mantel introduces where online dating first took place, which was at Stanford University in 1959. At the time there was two engineer students who wanted to fulfill a requirement for a class project which lead to the creation of a computer date-matching program. The program was a simple questionnaire that was based on concepts from a Psychology 101 class. It did not take long for others to come up with the idea of finding compatible dates by using these questionnaires. As these sites may help with finding others that sparked interest, there is also another few steps that should be taken before an intimate relationship can develop online. According to a journal called, “Interrelationship between Attachment Styles and Facebook Addiction”, Eroglu explains that there are a few steps that allows a certain connection between the users to become more than just acquaintances. The steps are: orientation, exploratory affective exchange, affective exchange and stable exchange. Orientation is the first step because online profiles reveal the basic information about the users and although it is said that there is “not enough shared information to generate conversation.” This is where exploratory affective exchange

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