The Time Is Fly?

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Every one says time fly. Do you agree with them about time is fly? Before you agree with them, think back twice how do you feel when you were senior in high school about applying colleges, scholarships, start to think about majors, and making decision which colleges you want to attend. I do agree with them, sometimes time fly but it’s depend on the situations and how we interpret the perceptions. Time did fly, it’s time for me to graduate high school and prepare for colleges application and time to make a decision which college I want to attend. At this state the time was not flying. I felt time was longer than entire my life in middle school and past three years in high school. I was very confused and frustrated because I have to sacrifice something in order to gain something. Since, gaining high level of education is my first priority decide to cut down the pleasure of living with families, chill with friends, eat best foods, start to be more independent and drive in fear and seek the harsh channelings. I did research about all the colleges and the universities that I got in and finance aids that I received. Finally, I decided to attend in IC because I found out IC has a very good reputation of academe educations and I like the environmental of the IC Camps. Thus, I believe and feel that IC will provide me enough education which will lead me to get in good medical schools, which will give me a another opportunities to contain my education in med school and become a
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