Essay about "The Time Machine": A Social Critique of Victorian England

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H G Wells was cynical of the Victorian class system and thoroughly disapproved of the way people were segregated, according to their wealth. Wells disagreed with England’s capitalist views, as he himself was a socialist. His novel The Time Machine is primarily a social critique of Victorian England projected into the distant future. He has taken segregation to its extremes and shows how far human evolution will go if capitalism continues unhindered. On travelling to the future he finds that this new world is not what he expected, as he feels vulnerable and ‘naked in a strange world.’ (Page 26) This panic then quickly transforms into frenzy as he then meets the Eloi who were all that he despised, creatures who were frail, had lost…show more content…
This is like the Nineteenth Century as the upper class Victorians would walk about carefree as children have the freedom to do. This could be trying to convey that the upper class who have never had to work have not yet had a chance to fully grow up and work for a living. Whilst describing the Eloi Wells mentions their ‘small ears’ (Page 29) and ‘soft little tentacles’ (Page 28), this is because the theory of evolution was an amazing discovery in the nineteenth century and Wells has shown how the Eloi have adapted using the concept of natural selection. They have become frail and fragile creatures that are afraid of the dark because they have missed out on having to work to survive, which are the complete opposite of their fellow inhabitants the Morlocks. This relates back to Wells’ society, the rich upper class who had never experienced hard labour were not as tough and more vulnerable as opposed to those who worked in order to survive. The Time Traveller in the story is ‘disappointed’ (Page 63) with these creatures as this is not evolution it is regression, instead of the human race growing older and adapting they are in fact slowly returning to a child like state. This is not what people would have expected in the future and he has personified this view to show people that if they keep going the way they do then instead of civilization evolving it will regress further than we have
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