The Time Machine By. Wells

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I. Introduction:
The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, a novel about a mans journey through the future or criticism to the evolution of human race? The time traveller sets out on this journey not knowing what he would find or see in the year 802,701. When he arrives he comes across people known as the Eloi. The Elois are uneducated, small beautiful creature who don’t work or have any political issues. What seems at first like a utopian society that he heard of in the 19th century turns out to be quite different as he finds out about the Morlocks. The Morlocks live underground and are the “working class” creatures that consume Elois. By providing these two different class wells is trying to prove devolution of society through the knowledge of the “upper class” and “lower class” in the Victorian Era. Throughout the Time Machine H.G Wells tries to demonstrate how the class systems have changed, not just differentiating through rich and poor, but instead displaying how they have evolved into two different species over time. social class is causing degeneration and devolution

II. Annotated Sources:
Tauton, Mathew “Class in The Time Machine”
Taunton’s articles discusses the ways that H.G wells manages to display the division of class and how our human race is going to develop. He goes through many different aspects of the book in this article by discussing how Wells reflects on the present to come up with his insight about the future. He blames the treatment towards the poor to be…
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