The Time Machine Essay

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The Time Machine

As I understand it, Darwin in his book ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES published in 1865, argues that natural selection leads to adaptive improvement. Or even, if evolution isn't under the influence of natural selection, this could still lead to divergence and diversity. At one time, there was a single ultimate ancestor, and from this, hundreds of millions of separate individual species evolved. This process where one species splits into two different species is called speciation. Subsequent divergence leads to a wider separation of taxonomic units, the genera, the families, the orders, the classes, etc. Creatures that are completely different, for example, snails and monkeys, evolved from
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The Elois evolved from middle class people who married people in their own social quarters. The Elois have found no necessity to diversify, so they haven't. The Elois are vegetarians and only eat fruit and vegetables, which are provided for them by The Morlocks. The Morlocks also provide the Elois's clothes.

Wells has shown that the two different species have evolved to suit their needs and natural habitat. The Morlocks have large eyes, like those of nocturnal animals, like bats and owls. The eyes are shaped like this so that the light is drawn to the retina, therefore enabling them to see in the subterranean community.

The Morlocks have very pale, white skin like that of animals that live in the dark, e.g. the white fish of the Kentucky caves. The Morlocks have an air filtration system to pump fresh air into their sub terrain, and another system that removes the waste air. These pumps resemble water wells.

The Elois are small and very weak. What do they need muscles for? They never need lift anything heavier than a large fruit. The Elois have difficulty walking any great distance, needing to rest frequently. However, they don't need good walking skills as they never need to walk anywhere? Their attention span is very short; they don't need to concentrate on anything in particular for any great length of time. The Elois are

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