The Time Management Skills That Helped

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The first thing that we did in this class that helped the most was creating a planner that included the dates given in all our class syllabuses. This helped me the most since my math class has homework due twice each week, so having a planner allowed me to not confuse the idea that 2.1 is due on Thursday instead of Tuesday. This also helped me with thinking about how much time I have until the next project is due. Other time management skills that helped was goal setting and learning better study skills. The goal setting that helped was realizing what a SMART goal is; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant, and Timely. For this semester, I was able to realize that unlike High School where I could set a goal of getting As and Bs, in college this is unrealistic. My new goal became that I would like to get a grade at or above a C+ and if my grade started dropping before the end of the semester, I would ask the teacher about the topic I was not understanding before the test came. Getting help is also a great study skill, which for myself involved going to Supplemental Instruction Tutoring sessions each week for Statistics, which involved a teachers’ assistant that went over harder topics such as Z-tables vs. T-tables. This made my test grades increase and the SIT session also applies to outside of class resources that we learned about in this class. The activity of a treasure hunt for those resources especially helped since I had not known were the write cite was…
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