The Time My Brother Had A Life Changing Headache

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The time my brother had a life-changing headache. In Mid-October, about a couple years ago, my brother said his head was hurting and my brother never complains about things. My mom told him to take some tylenol to help with his head pain but it never helped.
The next day was Josh’s eighteenth birthday. Josh went hunting first thing in the morning and he had to stop hunting because his head was still hurting and he just didn’t feel right. He called my mom on his way home and told her it still was hurting. My mom told him to take some more tylenol again so he did and it still didn’t help!
The next day was Monday and he had to go to school. After he got to school he could only make it a half a day and he usually stays there longer but today changed his life, my whole family’s life, and mine! My mom told my brother that they were going to go to the Emergency room. My mom left work and took him to the hospital. I was at my cousin 's house because I always went there after school. After they got to the hospital the doctors asked if she would let Josh have a cat scan. My mom said,” Why, is he okay, is something wrong?!?” The doctor said,” I don’t know,” but my mom was still worried.
Twenty minutes passed and the cat scan was over. They said that my mom and my brother had to wait an hour until they got the results back. So they waited.
Thirty minutes went by and my brother calmly said,”Can we go, this is taking too long, and it’s probably just a headache or something.” My mom
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