The Time My Guinea Pig Died

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The Time My Guinea Pig Died One day I was at my dad's house, on the computer slowly writing my Island of the Blue Dolphins book review. I only did half of it because I had basketball practice from 6:00PM to 7:30PM. After practice I went to my dad’s red truck and we went through Broadway , up the hill and on Highland Avenue. Stopped at my mom’s tan brick house. When I got out of the red truck I went inside squirmy through the cold wet leaves. My dad left. When I was inside my mom said,” Go find pajamas.” So I changed out of my sweaty basketball clothes and into a shirt and sweatpants. Had a couple Oreo cookies and watched “COPS”. A few hours later I got done watching “COPS”. That's when stuff gets real. My mom had me and my sister come
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