The Time Of Equal Rights And Gender Equality

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At the time of equal rights and gender equality it is clear that there are still steps to go though in this matter. Even in the democratic countries the thing did not evolve as expected: there are only a few women holding broad position. According to the Guardian1 for the last twenty years women representation in middle an top management has highly increased but not so much in top management where they are still underrepresented. In fact, the average proportion of women in middle and senior management sector is 24% (Saab, M. 2014) whereas there is only 5% (Allen, K. 2015) of woman CEOs in the world largest corporation such as the international labour organization even says that it will take at least a hundred years before parity is achieved if we don’t speed up the machine with extra effort in this matter.
However there are some countries that have accomplished the gender parity in management. But they are not the countries you would think of. Countries that have implemented a quota policy seam to struggle to reach their objectives. It is strangely countries that did not use this method that are leading in this field. It seems to be the culture that plays the biggest role. For example in China and Russia the communism age had brought men and women to work together as equals, Mao Zedong famously said that “women hold up half the sky” (Saab, M. 2014). The Dominican republic is the country in which you are more likely to have a female boss, more than half (56%) of the managers
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