The Time Of Television Show

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An all-time favorite television show in England was very popular in the 20th century. It started off with 14 boys, but only 10 appeared in all series. Not only was this a top hit show, but there was a meaning behind it all. This documentary started in 1964 when the participants were all 7. As the participants grew older they became less talkative. It must be hard to be followed around with a camera having to talk about personal stuff. These brave kids took that risk. Although some participants did not continue until the end of the series we still get a glimpse of their lives. Chosen participants ranged from a wide variety. Some poor, some rich, some went to school, some went straight to work, and some got married, while some did not.…show more content…
At age 42 Bruce had finally gotten married and had kids at age 42 as well. Bruce had a dream to play professional cricket but never did. Instead he coaches a team and plays for fun. Bruce had a lack of love while he was growing up. It was hard for him as his parents were divorced. When Bruce had kids it became hard to fully give them the love they deserved since he did not know how it felt. Bruce had a healthy relationship with his wife Penny. They barely fight and try to look at life in a positive aspect. Having good communication within their family was very important to Bruce and Penny. Neil lived in Liverpool and was lower class. He had very high hopes as a child. His ultimate goal was to get into Oxford University. He pictured himself getting married in the future, but did not want kids. Between the ages of 7 through 21 he felt as if his parents had taught him nothing about life. His family always thought he would lose his sanity one day. His closest friend peter grew up with him. Neil went to comprehensive school. He later got denied from Oxford University, and attended Aberdeen, but dropped out after the first semester. He was very bitter about not getting into Oxford. His parents made him believe in god, but he isn’t sure if he really does. Also, his parents imagined him in an indoor work with writing and didn’t see him doing any other thing. Neil felt as if his parents did not see his true personality. Although he had a tough time with his parents, he is
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