The Time Of The Library

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The sounds of the outside world struggled to penetrate the thick glass of the library. In the still of the quiet study area, all that could be heard were three tired students. At a table in the back of the library sat the three most prominent trouble makers in the realm Elspeth, Lachlan, and Creighton. Today they were studying, and not the type of studying they tended to enjoy. The royal tutor, Sachairi, decided that they would be learning about the history of trade politics between the Cluasan realm of [blank] and the Ellyllan realm of [blank]. The relations between the Cluasan and the Ellyllan are lengthy and complicated as both peoples have incredible lifespans. However, their history can be summarized thusly: they hated each other, they fought each other, they stopped fighting each other, now they are friends. This long history has always been the bane of every scholar’s existence. No less so than for these three young scholars. Sitting on one side of a long study table, Lachlan was beginning to realize why mortal men had it so good; not only did they not have nearly as much history, but for most of it, no one is old enough to remember all of it! He stared out at the sun washed gardens with longing, wishing he could be out practicing his sword techniques for the Autumn Royal Festival’s sparring competition. He sighed and dipped his quill back into the inkpot. Across the table, the ever-practical Creighton was already half-way finished the first draft of essay on the…
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