The Time Series By Patricia March

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SBA Task 3
Conclusive Research Essay
Chanelle Botha 12k

An investigation on the use of ink and charcoal as a medium, as well as movement over time, in the Time Series by Patricia March.

The works of Patricia March are predominantly charcoal works, with smaller aspects of ink, whilst portraying insight of character, as well as how the body moves over a period of time. March uses the perception of a figure moving, portraying the figure on one picture plane; but moving, as if this were over a period of time. Figures appear walking or picking up an object and this is portrayed as one character becoming three. In each different movement the figure is in a different position, as if moving like in a real life situation. This reinforces the name of her series, Time, as it literally perceives a figure or a few figures and their movements over a period of time. March studied a master in cinematography. She was interested in movement and time, so since, she tried to apply her vision about cinema into drawings. The movement of the people drawn, reminds me her some way to profundity of the human form ad how it
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The scope of the creative experience was influenced mainly by Patricia March as her ideas influenced the idea of charcoal and ink drawings, as well as left-hand techniques. Her works allowed the exploration of new mediums and techniques, of which I had not used before. March also played a big role in influencing visual diary work and the direction of which I took when researching other artists.

It is seen in resolution, that Patricia March, as well as her Time Series, created in 2011, have been a great influence, when involving aspects such as similarities, differences, technique, medium, the depth and scope pf creative process, on the creation of my own Self and Other year work
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