The Time Traveler 's Wife

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The Time Traveler’s Wife Literary Essay Powerful and well-crafted novels spin from archaic yet timeless tales. Thus leaving readers to find their solace between the conflicts and turmoil within the plot. A vast majority of stories contain paradoxical themes and morals that consequently, temporarily confuse the reader, and creating their interpretation of the novel. The Time Traveler’s Wife contains themes of love, fate against free will, time, and more messages written between the lines. Henry DeTamble has a genetic disorder called Chrono-Displacement, which causes him to become temporarily displaced in time against his will. Therefore, it is possible to meet his determined soulmate, Clare Abshire when she is six, and he is thirty-eight- also when she is twenty, and he is twenty-eight. Alternating between childhood and adulthood perspectives, Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife contains a problematic love story that portrays the consequences of isolation due to a predetermined belief in love, evident in Clare’s monotonous life. Moreover, the novel illustrates that living according to destiny oppresses a fulfilling lifetime. Many instances throughout the book that demonstrate this are The List, Alba’s conception, and Henry’s final letter. The fictional genetic disorder- Chrono-Displacement Disorder- causes one of the protagonists, Henry, to temporarily displace in the past or present, specifically events that hold great emotional value to him. Therefore, Henry
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