The Time Traveler's Wife

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My husband and I have always enjoyed traveling on a budget while still enjoying the local experience. As a couple we've traveled throughout Europe and Latin America and we looked forward to the same experience now that our family has grown to a foursome. So far here are a few tricks we've learned for traveling with kids on a budget. Some of the easiest ways to save are by a little advanced planning. If you can book flights a couple of months in advance you can save hundreds just on airfare. Planning your vacation at the end of off-season or the week before the peak of an area's season can save on airfare as well. While traveling within Europe, the opposite is true - last minute deals are the way to go. You can easily book a vacation for the…show more content…
I often wonder what I will be doing in the future, things like working at the same job, meeting Mr. Right, and seeing my children all grown up and out on their own. Then I think back into the past, not just my life but even before I was born, and wonder what it was like to live during the different time periods. Released in August 2009, The Time Traveler's Wife is the story of a man who travels through time while at the same time falls in love with a woman. The movie is rated PG-13 for thematic elements, brief disturbing images, nudity, and sexuality. Set in present day, Henry DeTamble, played by Eric Bana, is a special collections librarian and a time traveler. As a time traveler, Henry is not able to control the moment when he travels into the future or back into the past. He is also not able to control where he goes. In the library he meets Clare Abshire, portrayed by Rachel McAdams. She claims to already know Henry - that she has known him since she was six years old. The two have dinner together at one of Henry's favorite places, and soon they fall in love and eventually marry. While the years are passing by, Henry is continually gone leaving Clare to fend for herself quite often. Clare is at times resentful of the fact that Henry is not always there when she needs him. Henry gains knowledge of the future and what it holds; however, this knowledge begins causing problems for the couple. With The Time Traveler's Wife I am not quite sure what I expected, but what I saw wasn't what I had pictured in my mind. I was thinking this movie would be more like H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, a novel about a man who travels back in time via a machine. This movie wasn't like that at all. Finally, I found it hard at times to keep up with the story. The plot jumps around so much that I was confused and wasn't sure whether Henry was in present day or whether he
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