The Timeless Quality of the Foundations of Excellent Leadership

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Foundations of Excellent Leadership Are Timeless Introduction It is often said that a manager is what one does and leader is who one is. This is especially the case during times of turbulent economic, social and political change. In the debate of whether the effectiveness of a leader's communication skills is dependent on their age or generation, one must take into account one of the most critical skills in any leaders' skill set, and that is emotional intelligence (EI) (Avolio, Yammarino, 2002). Great leadership is timeless as it is predicated on respect and motivation of subordinates and peers and subordinates, along with a very clear focus on results attained through shared vision. It is the intent of this analysis to show that transformational leadership is timeliness because it is predicated on principles applicable to each generation. The impact of technology on leadership is to accelerate transparency and trust across entire organizations when transformational leaders are driving progress to shared goals and objectives (Bernoff, Li, 2008). Technology will amplify excellent leadership and shine a very bright light on mediocre and inferior leadership over time (Gilley, Dixon, Gilley, 2008). Analysis Of Transformational Leadership Across Generations The core, foundational elements of transformational leadership are more predicated on Emotional Intelligence (EI), charisma, communication and collaboration capacity than any topically-driven or short-term attribute

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