The Times Of Conflict : A Study Of Kashmir Essay

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Psychological Depression in the times of Conflict: A study of Kashmir Introduction: The Physical, Social and Mental health are central to life and all of these are deeply interdependent and entwined. Depression, currently ranked fourth among the most urgent health problems worldwide by WHO and predicted to become number two in terms of its disease burden, is more likely to be a result of various experiences like Conflict, Instability, Loss and Experiences of Humiliation, Disruptions, Oppression, Stress etc. Security concerns are dominant in the minds of the Kashmiri people as Deaths, Injury, Disappearances, Arrests, Encounters, Curfews, Rapes, Abductions and many other Abuses and Human Rights Violations are a part of their everyday lives (Syed Amin, 2009). A day in Kashmir starts with the news of Killings, Rapes, Torture, Arrests, Curfews, Assaults and what not, which then is recorded into the Psyche of the people. Everybody is affected from this war-like situation paralleled with a State of Mind wherein Grieving, Insecurity, Oppression, Poverty, Uncertainties of career and relationships are major themes (Asima Hassan, 2013). The constructivist account of the Kashmir dispute captures the crucial issue of contested national identities as a source of dispute and a factor affecting conflict resolution. It says that people construct their own understanding, ideas and knowledge of the world through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences. This theory falls
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