"The Times They Are A’Changin’" Sang Bob Dylan At One Of

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"The times they are a’changin’" sang Bob Dylan at one of his more profound moments. Oftentimes, it is human nature to resist change no matter what the situation in which the change is taking place. However, change is a fact of life and at a time of vast improvements in the field of technology, the Information Age, if you will, it is pointless to resist it. Unfortunately, that resistance is exactly what is causing many people to see only the shortcomings of computer-based training (CBT), regardless of the enormous amount of benefits the implementation of computer-based training could bring to their companies and their employees. CBT training has a distinct role in the achievement of an organizational goal by integrating the interests of the…show more content…
A learner’s cognitive ability is undoubtedly crucial, but without an acceptable level of motivation and adequate support from the work environment, the learner’s ability simply will not be enough. Many studies have been performed on computer-based learning, however none have been performed on the perceived effectiveness of computer-based learning on improving workplace performance based on the self-regulated motivation of the learner, cognitive ability to transfer what they learned, and support resources in their work environment.
Computer training and computer skills area necessary requirement for a large amount of jobs and an important factor in many workplaces today. The importance of computer training can be viewed in two ways. One view is, that it is imperative for job seekers to obtain computer skills and training to make themselves more valued to potential employers and to achieve higher-paying jobs. The second view is, that it is important for businesses to develop their new-hire training programs and employee performance improvement initiatives. Essentially all office positions you apply for today will require you to have some basic typing skills, as well as a basic understanding of how to use a computer system, and be familiar with

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