The Tipping Point By Gladwell Tails

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In The Tipping Point, Gladwell tails trends from their very beginning to their end and he tries to figure out why some ideas "tip" and others do not. Firstly, Gladwell mentions the three rules for the tipping point which are: contagiousness, the fact that little causes can have big effects, and transformation happens in one moment.
In the introductory chapter of the book, Gladwell made use of the syphilis epidemic of Baltimore, along with other outbreaks of disease in order to illustrate his three rules. He reaffirms the three rules more solely as the law of few, the stickiness factor and the power of context.
He began by discussing the incomprehensible recovery of then-terminally-uncool hush puppies shoes in the midst of a few of hipsters in Manhattan’s cutting-edge regions in the 1990s, a development which soon extended across the United States and resulted to exponential increases in the company’s sales. Using this sensation as an introduction to the book’s methodical theme, the author states that he will recognize, dissect and give details on the mechanisms by which certain trends occur, while others fail.
Chapter 1: The Three Rules of Epidemics
Gladwell declares that most trends, styles, and occurrences are natural and spread according to paths of transmission and carriage that are patently similar. In most of these consequences, whether the event in question is the spread of syphilis in Baltimore’s unpleasant streets or the unexpected spike in the acceptance of Hush…
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