Essay on The Tipping Point

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The Tipping Point What can one consider being a tipping point in a situation. Is it when a situation changes from bad to worse? Could it be when it changes from good to better? Or could it be from when it changes from a bad situation and all of a sudden it turns around and becomes good? In my essay we are going to explore the tipping point from four different authors: Malcolm Gladwell, Mary G. King, Lynne M. Anderson, and Christine M. Pearson. From subject of: hush puppies, teen suicide, crime, smoking, incivility in the workplace and the black women’s breakthrough into clerical work. There could be many reasons why there were tipping points in these topics, but I will shed light on how hush puppies, which was a fad, had life put …show more content…
It had gotten so popular that famous designers were ordering them for their fashion shows and popular actors such as Pee Wee Herman was wearing them and they took off from there. New York crime grew at an alarming rate from the 1980’s to 1990’s even as early as 1970’s shows increase in crime. Some statistics from New York Law Enforcement Agency Uniform Crime Reports 1960-2009 ( Murders: 1970- 1,444, 1973- 2,020 1976-1,976, 1979-2,092, 1982-2,013, 1985-1,683, 1988-2,244, 1990-2,605, 1998-924. It was said that during those time that when the sun went down the neighbors was infested with gangs and drug dealers and with the most of the crime taken place in Brownville and East New York (Gladewell, 2005). It wasn’t until 1998 that crime had took a sudden decline and dropped 64.4% in Brownville and East New York (Gladwell, 2005). So what brought on the sudden tipping point? Depends on who is asked is where you will get your answer. New York police will tell you that their police strategies dramatically improved, criminologists will tell you that the crack trade and aging of the population is what made that change. Economist will point to the city’s economy improvements over the course of the 1990’s that effected the employment. It would be hard to say that one particular issue is the reason why without being able to take that situation out to see if it had an effect, but with them all, improvements were made and a tipping
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