The Tired Swimmer Case Essay

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The Tired Swimmer Case Study Go to this Website: Answer the Following Questions for Parts IIV. Part I: 1. What vital signs or symptoms does Annie exhibit? Fatigue, blurred vision, eye strain, shortness of breath, loss of control over muscles 2. Can you see any common features in Annie’s signs and symptoms? All relate to nervous system 3. Why is Annie having problems breathing? She was walking up flights of stairs 4. What are the possible reasons for Annie’s condition? Peripheral Neuropathy, multiple sclerosis Part II: 1. What additional vital signs or symptoms does Annie exhibit? Double vision, drooping eyelids, strange sleeping habits 2. From the…show more content…
What is the role of the thymus in the body? Training and development of T-cells and T-lymphocytes 2. What is an antigen? Any substance that provokes an adaptive immune response 3. Go back to Figure 1, look at each stage, and predict where the antibodies in Annie’s blood could act to decrease synaptic function at the neuromuscular junction. Stage 4 4. Neostigmine is one drug that may be prescribed for people with myasthenia gravis. This drug, like the edrophonium chloride injection, will make Annie feel stronger. Go back to the flow diagram, look at each stage, and determine how these drugs could work to increase synaptic performance. Neostigmine prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine. Neostigmine helps muscles to contract normally in conditions where they have been weakened by certain types of medicines or medical conditions. 5. In the absence of treatment, what has happened to the amplitude of Annie’s endplate
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