The Title Of John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The title Of Mice and Men in my opinion does not fit the book. It only fits in to an extent of Lennie’s point of view basically. To me of mice and men means the men in the book, but also why Lennie wants a ranch to pet animals. But between the beginning and the end other things happen that had nothing to do with mice only the men. A title has to fit the moral and lesson of a story. In the book George and Lennie get pushed out of town, get a job; get in a fight, and etc. This had nothing to do with mice. If I were to name the story I would name it, The wish that all men had. I named it this because everyone in the story had problems so they thought often joined Lennie and George’s ranch would come true. Crooks wanted to join because he knew
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