The Title Says It All. The Sleeper In This Case Would Be

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The title says it all. The sleeper in this case would be yours truly.I was sleeping my life away. I was sleep on who I was, who I had become and most importantly who I wanted to be. Slowly but surely, I woke the hell up. I stopped talking and started listening. I quit making excuses and started making game plans. All my life I was afraid to try anything and everything. Mainly because I did not believe I could succeed at anything. I had already defeated myself. I let fear get the best of me. Fear of failing, fear of people laughing or judging me. But most of all the fear of letting my loved ones down. It was not until many years later, with the love and encouragement of those I feared I would let down, that I realized I have been sleeping…show more content…
I turned to look at my own husband. His smiled from ear to ear, eyes sparkling full of pride. The atmosphere was full of joy and excitement. Then there is me, palms sweaty, heart pounding, throat dry, and my mind racing. My anxiety is getting the better of me.This has been my downfall in the past. Usually when this happens, my mind takes me to a dark place. I start question myself. Whatif I fall in front of everyone? Whatif I did not really passall my classes?What will my next move be? Immediately my next thought is to flee. I can just get that piece of paper later from my Supervisor. Then I realize, my superior is not just here for support. She is here to speak, to speak about me. As I sit contemplating a plan to escape the room gracefully. I start deep breathing slowly. Counting to ten in my mind. Twirling my hair around my finger. I try to relax my, tense body. I can hear all the wonderful complimentary, things being said about me. I start telling myself, it will be over soon, just hold on. By this time, the room is spinning. I am positive my shirt is soaking wet. I thought I would faint.Then the moment I have been dreading, my Professor calls out Jacquelyn Ross. As I walk towards her, my legs are weak. I shake her and take my certification. I glance at all the genuinely happy faces. Some standing, others clapping fiercely. And then

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