The Toilet

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The modern day toilet has been an innovation that has cleaned up the world's sanitary problems since the late 1800s when it was created. Imagine what life would be like without the use of the toilet? Think about an average person in the American society lasting a lifetime without one? Well luckily thanks to the invention of the toilet, most people in the world do not have to worry about living in unsanitary conditions without one. The invention of the toilet has helped change the ways of the early primitive ways of disposal by preventing major catastrophes in the world, it has been brought about by many creators to work properly, and has modernized the world and has helped clean up the world's human disposal. Before the toilet…show more content…
Kay Keating and many other writers 3. agree that he is praised "for inventing the valve-and-siphon arrangement that made our modern toilet" (Keating 1). The valve-and-siphon is such a great importance because it made the modern day toilet possible. Kay Keating points out that Thomas Crapper also "held nine patents" towards the formation of the modern toilet (Keating 1). Many parts and pieces have been attributed to the invention of the toilet along with many types of decorations that have been added to the toilet throughout its time of being created as works of art. Writers from state that Sir John Harrington invented a facility (toilet) that had a seat, a bowl, and a cistern"( 1). This shows an importance of early contributors striving to create a toilet. also writes that Sir John Harrington invented a very primitive version of the water closet which was water stored in a compartment used for washing away contaminants( 1). During the time of Sir John Harrington and a short while before Thomas Crapper, the toilet was somewhat more of an art for decorating rather than a sanitary device since it was so expensive at the time(Yadav 1). Decorations of the toilet show that the device itself was highly valued in time period that it
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