The, Tolerance, And Cultural Differences

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Mentalite, Tolerance, and Cultural Differences Have you ever noticed how all over the world people value things differently? Such as how family can be the most important aspect of someone’s life, but to someone of a different culture or area might value independency more? That is called mentalite or worldview. Mentalite is defined as, “a thought processes of values and beliefs shared by those of the same community.” It is the backbone to one’s personal beliefs throughout life and how much tolerance they have for others who believe differently than them. Worldview is defined as, “a system of ideas and attitudes about the world, life, ourselves, and a comprehensive system of beliefs.” It can also sometimes be misunderstood as the idea of culture, which is misleading. Who would have ever thought that mentalite also plays a role in land values, uses for land, and regulations as to what could go in specific areas? Mentalite even plays a role in how how towns and counties are mapped out (Nijkamp,2013). Mentalite is broken down into two categories: pre-modern and modern. Pre modern mentalite is the traditional way of thinking. Examples of a pre-modern mentalite community would be: bartering instead of cash money being used to obtain items, effort in developing personal relationship with others, small local owned businesses, family works together, everyone tries to cooperate at all cost, status quo reflects age not wealth, character is honored, task-oriented work, things built to
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