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The Hobbit
The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien is novel about a hobbit who comes to the realization that there was more to him than what meets the eye. In the Middle Earth, around the third age, Bilbo Baggins embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. Throughout the obstacles and hardships of the adventure, Bilbo Baggins transforms from a man of doubts and comfort to a hero with a newfound confidence and leadership.
The Hobbit, a book of fantasy and adventure, is likely to appeal to readers of any age. The author who tells an entertaining story, offers all readers a chance to journey on an adventure with a magical wizard, a hobbit and dwarves. In the beginning of the novel the author’s tone transitions from humorous to ominous and suspenseful. Humorously, the author talks about Bilbo 's attitude towards Gandalf 's offer of an adventure stating, "We ' don’t want any adventures here, thank you! You might want to try over the Hill or across the water.” By this he meant the conversation was at end" (6). As the book progresses, the author 's tone darkens, and the suspense of the novel rises. One example of suspense in the novel is Bilbo 's encounter with Gollum. "Does it guess easy? It must have a competition with us, my preciouss! If precious asks, and it doesn’t answer, we eats it, my preciousss. If it asks us and we don’t answer, then we does what it wants, eh? We shows it the way out, yes!" (70). The suspense of awaiting the result of the riddle competition draws in the reader

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