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J. R. R. Tolkien 's novel The Hobbit is one of a kind. The novel revolves around the protagonist Bilbo Baggins and his journey not only of recovering the treasure from Smaug, but his journey becoming a hero. Through the main character Bilbo Baggins Tolkien changed my perspective on what a mythic hero is suppose to be. When the term “mythic hero” is brought up I visualize someone that is a stouthearted a warrior namely Achilles or Odysseus to be exact not a hobbit. A little friendly, good-natured, brilliant hobbit. To put it bluntly, he is the polar opposite of Achilles and Odysseus. Despite the fact Bilbo Baggins isn 't the typical mythological hero, in many ways he has the attributes of a hero. J. R. R. Tolkien ventured away from the archetypical hero we often see in Greek and Roman mythology. Bilbo Baggins has all the components of a hero one thing that makes him a hero is his selflessness. Although he has never been on an adventure before he became a leader immediately. More importantly, he did what was required as a leader and didn 't question it because he knew the dwarves were counting on him. Many mythic heroes are natural born leaders, although Bilbo struggled at first it is obvious that he has leadership qualities. Consider as an example when Bilbo is sent off to check out the light and bring back supplies that can be used for the journey. “Off Bilbo had to go, before he could explain that he could not hoot even once like any kind of owl any more than fly like a…

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