The Tolkien 's The Hobbit

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A Fire-breathing dragon is tracing the edges of the mountain with flames spitting from his mouth, shouting “I am fire. I am death!””Bilbo is pacing himself to escape these angry flames as echoes of roars surround him. How did Bilbo Baggins get to such a place?In this novel The Hobbit,written by J.R.R Tolkien, a hobbit named Bilbo is enjoying a pipe on his front porch when he is confronted by an elder man that Bilbo recognizes as a wizard named Gandalf, though his suspicion continues to grow.Gandalf asks Bilbo to join him on a mission and Bilbo quickly declines this offer due to his lack of interest in adventure and invites Gandalf for some tea sometime, only to not seem rude. The next day Bilbo is shocked to hear a ring at his doorbell and is even more surprised to be bombarded with a trail of dwarfs crowding his comfortable little hobbit hole, Bilbo begins to grow confused and annoyed. The dwarfs eat nearly every piece of food in Bilbo 's pantry before they finally decide to settle down and talk business with Baggins. The company provides Bilbo with a greater and deeper understanding of this mission, after a lot of persuasion Baggin’s agrees to join the company of dwarfs on a mission to regain the treasures that Thorin’s grandfather mined and found at the mountain guarded by Smaug the dragon that they end up having to defeat and regain their stolen treasure.This changing Bilbo Baggin’s life forever. In The Hobbit Tolkien presents us with a strong theme of Bilbo’s

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