The Tone Of The Opening Scene

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The tone of the opening scene was very serious and powerful. This movie started with a close-up shot of a sign that depicts the words “NO TRESSPASSING”. Throughout that entire first scene, mostly close-up shots were used. Usually long shots would be used to show the environment or setting of a movie (Prince, 2013). However, in this case close-ups were used to show the audience Kane’s property. The close-up of the fences and the gate portray a message that the tall wall and fences were made to keep people out, as the camera slowly drifted across the fences and went on to show us the beautiful mansion that lets the audiences know that the place they have just entered is prohibited. This film is a black and white film. In the first scene, when the camera did a long shot showing us Kane’s big mansion, only one room had a light on in it, however that light suddenly went out also leaving the entire house in darkness. Also, as Kane whispered, his last words “Rosebud” and the snow globe fell from his hands and cracked. As the nurse was walking into Kane’s bedroom, her shadow was reflected in the surface of the broken snow globe. That light along with other lighting helped to make up for the lack of lighting as this movie is black and white.
The music that played in the first scene was very upbeat. As the camera was slowly moving over the fences, it gradually lowered and merged into a slower beat. The sound in the opening scene continued with long and short intervals jumping…
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