The Tools And Skills Used By Managers Functioning

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Abstract The goal of this paper shall be to examine the tools and skills used by managers functioning in a business operating on a global scale. This essay will also touch on the impact of managers and their decisions on the globalization of business as a whole. Managers of today require aptitude in the use of technology, understanding of culture, and implementation of certain skillsets in order to be successful. This paper will draw from the text of Carpenter, Taylor, and Erdogan (2009) as well as the work of Griffith and Hoppner (2013) on marketing management of global businesses to highlight the expertise required to motivate and lead a team across all cultural and language boundaries. By using the expanding options available to management today, leaders in global business can solicit the best, highest quality results from their teams. MANAGEMENT IN THE GLOBALIZATION OF BUSINESS 3 Management in the Globalization of Business Technology, Culture, and Skillset Management styles and techniques of recent decades have been forced to change in order to accommodate the growing footprint of a business’s reach. While small business can continue to thrive in the current economic environment, it could be argued that in order to gain the highest level of success, a business needs to be able to break free of geographical boundaries. In doing so, a business can offer their products/services to a larger number of people while also gaining benefits of international trade. Key contributors
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