The Tools Of Washing Machine

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1.3 Washing machine:
Although breakthrough camping of technology of the different brands washing machine turn machine into a unique devise, we can enounce basic and minimum work of washing machine. The washing machine has a central loading small drum with holes and a spinning system on its own axis. During the washing process, inside the drum water, detergent and dirty clothes are mixed, then spinning movement is start. The movement mixes the detergent and dirty cloths and movement between water and cloths, which make the cleaning process.

The basic components of the machine:
Water inlet control valve which is near the inlet point of the washing and control the quantity of water required. It is actually solenoid valve.

Water pump circulates the water through washing machine. It works in two direction as wash cycle and spin cycle.

There are two types of washing machine: inner and outer. The cloths are loaded and washed in the inner tub which has small holes for draining the water. The outer tub cover and support inner tub during various clothes washing cycle.

Rotating disc or agitator which perform cleaning operation of clothes and produce most important function of rubbing the clothes with each other as well as with water.

An electric engine which transmits movement to the cylinder so that it spins in the right way.

A microprocessor that controls the function of different cleaning and programs.

A resistance system in charge of heating water.

Timer that helps to…

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