The Tools and Techniques Used in Managing a Project Team

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Jpz777 05/21/2013 Order # A2096672 Effectively managing any complex project requires a sharp mind adept at prudent planning, a thorough comprehension of the tools and resources needed to succeed, and the ability to adapt seamlessly in the face of adversity. While working in the field of project management may initially appear to be a solitary task conducted in a clinical environment, the reality is that the vast majority of organizational projects are collaborative efforts involving the combined efforts of several individuals. Learning how to balance competing personalities, resolving interpersonal conflicts, pairing team members according to their competency level, and inspiring a genuine sense of motivation are all integral aspects to the effective use of power when managing a collection of individuals. Mastering the intricacies of management represents only half of the proverbial battle, and in order to assure that every project you lead performs at peak levels of effectiveness and efficiency, it is crucial that you interact with and observe every team member under your stewardship. In all actuality, this interpersonal power dynamic inherent to management can be most likened to coaching an athletic team, because while the objectives and strategies may be different, the skills used to create a cohesive team are widely similar across the spectrum of human activity. In my personal experience, the two most significant tools and techniques used in managing a project team
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