The Tooth by Clara Spencer

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As Laurell K Hamilton once said, “death is the last intimate thing we ever do”. It comes in different ways and at different times, but death comes for all of us. In Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening, Edna is faced with enormous heartache and desperation that she feels she has no other choice but to take her own life. This is paralleled in The Tooth and The Lottery, two short stories by Shirley Jackson. Both stories feature a character who is met with their death at unexpected moments in their lives, but in very different situations. The event of death plays a central role in these three works. In the short story, The Tooth, Clara Spencer is leaving home to go to the dentist. She has had a toothache for as long as she can remember.…show more content…
Mandelet. The doctor tells him that this behavior will pass and that Leonce should just leave her alone. With Leonce gone, Edna begins a new life of living for herself. She finds a new home to live independently. She is still madly in love with Robert, and begins an unemotional affair with a man named Arobin. She begins a new friendship with Mademoiselle Reisz, a pianist. Edna loves to listen to Mademoiselle Reisz play the piano and wants to become an artist. She begins painting as she once did in her youth. Edna learns that Reisz has been receiving letter from Robert who is in Mexico. Edna is eager to read them and hurt that Robert has not written to her. Reisz encourages Edna to give in to her feelings for Robert and to act on them. Robert returns to New Orleans, as he cannot stay away from Edna. Robert admits to Edna that he is in love with her as she is with him. She suggests that they can have the relationship that they both want, and can live together. Edna leaves Robert to be with Adele during the birth of her child. Adele sees that Edna has become distant since her relationship with Robert has intensified. She urges Edna to think of her children, something that she cannot fathom. She cannot imagine every giving up who she is for anyone, even her own children. Edna begins to feel that she has acted selfishly. While she is gone, Robert decides that he cannot bring
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