The Top 10 Employability Skills

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Introduction For this report the students were randomly allocated into a group, where they were asked to compose a review on all of the different employability skills. This required them to carry out a variation of research consisting of both primary and secondary techniques, to help them gather their findings; this was for them to discover about many different careers rather than expanding upon one. The variety of different sources, which they also referred to, includes books, eBooks, journals and the Internet. This was to make sure that they had a mixture of data from the sources as information from one source specifies a singular view. They have presented the research and explained the significance of it throughout the report in addition to providing the material used, shown in the Appendix. Methodology This assignment involved the research of the ‘Top 10 Employability skills’. This will allow a person to recognise the essential skills needed to become employed or even to employ someone. Secondary research was carried out first using the internet, books and articles. The secondary research is vital as it should be able to be evaluated with the primary research (Appendix 2) Generally speaking, the methods in which this task could have been carried out can vary, but the most popular and reliable methods were interviews and questionnaires. The questionnaire was chosen due to the fact that it was quicker and effectively achieved the same finding that an interview would
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