The Top 10 Most Dangerous American Job

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Even though policing doesn 't make the top 10 most dangerous American job, that does not mean police officers have it easy. Police officers face many dangers in their jobs, they never really know the outcomes of any situation they go into. Dangers that policemen face are the risk of getting shot, stress, biohazard exposure, dangers in making arrests and serious/ minor trauma. All of these dangers occur in different situations such as: in making arrest, vehilce stops, hazmat scenes, and even directing traffic.

Police officers are constantly being faced with the unknown. Police face the danger of getting shot in any situation. Policemen could get shot during a building search, or even at a traffic stop. For example in El Paso, Texas, a dash cam video was released showing that an officers was being shot at in a drive by while conducting an unrelated traffic stop. Reports state that Officer Mike Garcia stopped Horacio Castaneda because he didn 't have his headlights turned on. As Officer Garcia conducted the stop, Frank Aparicio fired four shots from his vehicle as he passed by. Ron Martin, the President of the El Paso Municipal Officers Association said, " Yeah we get shot at, we get attacked, people try to kill us on a daily basis but this is the firest time somebody just opened fire." This incident proves that the chances of a policemen being shot, are very high.

You 'd think from all the equpiment that the police officers wear, they 'd be safe and set to go.…
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