The Top Cloud Service Providers

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The top Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in our market are various. Most of them have their special advantages for surviving in fierce business competitions. Some may have advantages on mobile app, some may have advantages on languages, customer help and support services or prices, or others may pay more attention on security protection and their reputation improvements. In this assignment, I picked up four top CSPs with comparisons of their functionality, cost, security, mobile access and customer support services. The four CSPs are Apple iCloud, Google, OpenDrive, and Amazon. Apple iCloud • Functionality: iCloud provides email, contacts, calendar, documents, spreadsheets, music, photos, videos, and slideshows. It also provide view files,…show more content…
Compare to Apple, Google does not provide media streaming feature, but Google do share files and desktop access. • Lowest monthly cost is $5 with storage space of 1GB and 25 GB for email (Lee, n.d.). • High security: Google has encrypted all their storage data with high secure VPN access and firewall protection. • Mobile access: Google has a broad support on mobile, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Mobile Browser. • Customer support: Google has an excellent customer help and support system by phone, email, and online chat. OpenDrive • Functionality: OpenDrive has fewer features than the features of Google and Apple. It provides the same functions as Google and Apple except email, contacts, and calendar. Different from Google and Apple, they do support both media streaming and share files. • Lowest monthly cost is $5 with storage space of 100 GB (Lee, n.d.). • High security: OpenDrive provides high secure access code protection and well defined security framework and measurements. • Mobile access: OpenDrive only support iPhone, iPad and Mobile Browser, but does not support Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile. • Customer support: Compare to Google and Apple, OpenDrive has a medium level of support services by email or online ticket form. Amazon • Functionality: Amazon features are similar to OpenDrive which are fewer than the
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