The Top Five Pastry Chefs

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Throughout the city of Chicago there have been several trends of plated desserts. The trends of the past five years will be discussed. The top five pastry chefs of note in the city of Chicago will be discussed. Each of these chefs have their own style, technique, and inspirations. The style, technique, inspirations, and methodology of each of the chefs will be explained thoroughly. In the last five years there have been several trends of plated desserts. A trend use in 2010 was desserts of smaller size and gluten free desserts. According to chicagoist, “Mini-desserts and gluten-free/food allergy meals seem like viable trends” (Becker, 2009). The individual dessert trend has been relevant since 2010. Both of those trends are still…show more content…
Each of these chefs currently work within Chicago. Chef Mindy Segal currently works at Hot Chocolate in Chicago. “Pastry Chef, Mindy Segal, specializes in contemporary American cuisine, believing that quality and technique is fundamental to the development of a great dessert. Segal places a modern twist on traditional classics. Segal exhibits tremendous respect for her ingredients, organizing her plates according to the combination of texture, temperature and taste, rather than appearance alone. Chef Segal’s early professional positions placed her in some of the most reputable kitchens in the country. After graduation from Kendall College, Segal took her first position at Chicago’s Ambria as pastry assistant to Judy Contino whom Segal considers her most important influence. She continued to refine her craft as pastry chef at such prestigious venues as Spago, Gordon, Charlie Trotter’s and MK. Segal has also developed dessert menus for numerous restaurants in Chicago.”(Hot Chocolate). Chef Meg Galus currently works at NoMI Kitchen. “Today Galus can be found leading the pastry team at NoMI Kitchen at the Chicago Park Hyatt. An admitted perfectionist, Galus would contentedly while away the hours crafting macaroons or tempering chocolates. And her belief that “pastry sustains the soul” means that she’s not content until she’s hit the right combination of French
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