The Top Five Pastry Chefs

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Throughout the city of Chicago there have been several trends of plated desserts. The trends of the past five years will be discussed. The top five pastry chefs of note in the city of Chicago will be discussed. Each of these chefs have their own style, technique, and inspirations. The style, technique, inspirations, and methodology of each of the chefs will be explained thoroughly. In the last five years there have been several trends of plated desserts. A trend use in 2010 was desserts of smaller size and gluten free desserts. According to chicagoist, “Mini-desserts and gluten-free/food allergy meals seem like viable trends” (Becker, 2009). The individual dessert trend has been relevant since 2010. Both of those trends are still relevant and around today. Some trends of 2011 and 2012 include, “customizable desserts, childhood treats with an adult twist, and savory ingredients being used in desserts.”(Cuadrado, 2012). Savory ingredients used in desserts has been a trend since 2012. “Mini versions of childhood treats with a decidedly grownup twist continue to top dessert menus, according to Blue Plate’s executive pastry chef Louella Ann Caringal” (Cuadrado, 2012). In 2013, “the two of the biggest trends in food service desserts are miniature items that may be customized to meet the individual diner’s flavor preferences and finger-food sweet treats for sharing” (Berry 2014). Most of these trends are still used and are popular today. In Chicago there are many pastry chefs.

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