The Top Four Retail Chocolate

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This structured analysis focuses on the top four retail chocolate manufacturers in terms of global net sales from 2014. The top four chocolate manufactures are Mars Inc., Mondelez International, Ferrero Group and Nestle SA. These manufactures hold approximately 30% of the global retail market share demonstrating their brand power through successful advertising and marketing techniques (appendix 4.1). The global chocolate industry itself has grown by approximately $8 billion USD (net sales) since 2012 despite the growing demand for healthy and organic foods. Organic food sector demands are estimated to grow 14% in the United States through 2018, despite the fact that US chocolate sales have grown 24% in a that time frame (TechSci,2014). The conflicting statistics could only be explained by the successful marketing of retail chocolate companies who have recognized the shifts in market preferences and consumer behavior, and successfully adapted to these trends keeping the appeal of chocolate.
Product and Product Lines
Mars Inc.
Currently, Mars Inc. operates in six different business segments including; Pet care, Chocolate, Wrigley, food, drinks and symbioscience. Mars Inc. has an international production presence in more than 74 countries worldwide with 75,000 associates, and total net sales exceeding $33 billion. Mars Inc.’s chocolate segment consists of 29 brands with 5 brands holding billion-dollar global values (M&M, Snickers, Galaxy, Mars, Twix).Mars Inc. continues to

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